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Online April Edition - Callback hell led me to the promised land

Thu 23rd April 2020 18:00
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For our first online event, Joe Wright ( will be running a Zoom workshop titled..

”Callback hell led me to the promised land”

Javascript is a single-threaded language, but it runs inside a browser or node runtime which gives it special async powers.

Historically the way we used these powers was via callbacks, but the language creators have never been entirely happy enough with how they performed in the real world. Over the last five years, we’ve gone from callbacks to promises to async/await.

But why even use callbacks? Why use async/await? What’s this single-threaded stuff about anyway?

In this workshop, you’ll experience first hand how using these different programming styles gives you advantages over the other. We’ll be watching a great talk on the event loop, then tackling problems in pairs using VS Live Share to experience these coding styles together.

Together, you will escape callback hell!

Make sure you have VSCode installed with the LiveShare extension:

Joe runs the CodeCraft meetups here in Glasgow, has organised the CodeCraft conferences, and is a host on the CodeCraftCast podcast, which I highly recommend:

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